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Weather Station


I know it’s been a while since I posted something, I guess it was just getting difficult to find time to post something after completing a sensor before bed. My most recent project has been building my own weather station. This sort of came from the greenhouse automation project. Once I was able to measure humidity, that was it; I wanted to measure everything else about the weather that I could.

In building this, I feel I learned a lot about some other aspects of the raspberry pi, coding and some other sensors (reed switches specifically). In some places, I kind of took the easy route and took something someone else made and re-wired it to work for me, (rain gauge & wind direction pointer) but this still involved a lot of innovation on the coding side to use it. I plan to write other posts detailing the building of the other sensors; just plan to space them out some as some of them are pretty involved. I think eventually I might make a wireless self-contained version (wifi, batteries, & solar power), but that’ll be a while 😉

Oh…..forgot to mention the first time I published it… can see the current weather at my house by clicking on the “Current Weather” page on my blog…

Halloween Costume

For those who do not know, I have recently became a fan of Doctor Who, specifically the 11th doctor. (I have only watched episodes of the 11th, so I really can’t say I’m a fan of the others yet) Because of this I have decided to have a Halloween costume this year and I’ll be doing my best impression of the Doctor….

Now one of the driving reasons behind this, besides the new fandom high, is that I can use pieces of the costume as everyday wear. I can wear the jacket, shirt & bow tie to work and the jeans elsewhere. I could probably wear the suspenders to work and church as well, but I’m not sure I’m really a suspenders type guy. (They were free so I had no qualms about getting expensive ones. That story will be below)


For the jacket, I was able to find a used Harris tweed jacket on ebay for around $40. Now the pattern is not exact, but Hey! it’s the same material and way better than any of those $50 knockoffs they sell at the costume sites.


The shirt was probably not necessary as I could have just worn a white or cream shirt that I already have. Now that I think about it, the stripes might be a little too much and I might make a decision to not wear the shirt depending on how I look once I try it all on. (Waiting for something to come in the mail…) Its not as though the shirt will be a lost cause though. I got it on sale for 40% off from JC Penny’s and I can add it to my weekly shirt rotation.


Ah, the suspenders. A crucial part of the ensemble. I got these at the Men’s Wearhouse for FREE!!! Normally they would set you back $35. Now I know that Matt wears clips on his suspenders, but I these button ones will be close enough. The reason these were free was because I do a lot of shopping at the Men’s Wearhouse; as it is where I purchase a lot of the clothes I wear to work. For every $500 you spend, you get a $50 gift card. The one I used for this actually wasn’t because of my spend, but because I received terrible service one day and reported it to corporate and they like me as a customer so much that they gave it to me to make me happy. 🙂


The bow tie…the most crucial part of the ensemble. Bow ties are cool and we actually have a bow tie day at work occasionally. (Usually on Thursdays) I found this one on eBay for about $7.50 with shipping. I really wanted a simple burgundy one and this fits the bill.


As for the jeans, I just picked up some cheap black faded glory ones from Wal-Mart for $10. Nothing too exciting. They are relaxed fit instead of skinny jeans though.

The last piece is the boots. I didn’t buy any boots as I couldn’t see spending $40 on something that I wouldn’t normally wear. (The $40 is in reference to some I found on eBay that would probably fit the bill) So I’ll be wearing some black golf shoes…

(I didn’t forget the screwdriver, so don’t worry….)